It will be worth it.

For attractive lips, speak words of kindness.

For lovely eyes, seek out the good in people.
For a slim figure, share your food with the hungry.
For beautiful hair, let a child run his or her fingers through it once a day.
For poise, walk with the knowledge that you never walk alone....

Sam Levenson

Blazer: Suzy Shier
Dress: H & M

There have been many times this year where I have felt over whelmed with the amount of things I "need to do" I was having a very intense conversation with my father about two days ago where he asked me "What happened to you wanting to teach the young people in your youth group?" -- I didn't want to respond with "I'm too tired to think about that right now", but that was what I said any ways. He told me he understood, that I was taking on a lot of things this year, but that this one would give me the greatest reward of all

Sometimes, you question whether or not you're up for the task. I thought I got named youth leader of my local church this year because somebody else couldn't step up. And although I've been wanting to do it for a long time, the first thing that entered my mind was doubt. How was I going to do this? And it's been creeping around my head since day one. How would I accomplish to convince 15, 16, 17 year old kids that living a Godly and Holy life is the way to go? 

God has been taking me on a small journey in the last two months, rather than rebuking my doubt, he's been embracing me and my fears. Lovingly showing me that it is not what I can do, but it is what HE can do. I may feel lonely, but I am certainly not alone. I am blessed with three other people willing to help me with all these young people. And maybe I can't do what they can do.. but I MUST do what I can. And if all I can do right now is send a text message saying "I've missed you" or "I am here for you" and maybe an "I love you" than that's exactly what I'm going to do. 

I told a young girl before she got baptised last night, "You're joining God's team, and no matter what comes your way, God's on your side. And there is no battle He can't win." As I looked around, other young people from my youth group were worshipping God unashamed. With tears running down my face,I made myself a promise...I will keep going even when it may not be easy, it may be hard, I might suffer discouragement but if I can just pray one of these kids through there troubles or put my arms around these girls and whole heartedly tell them I love them, God will do the rest. And it will all be worth it. 


Black & White

Lasting change is a series of compromises. And compromise is all right, as long your values don't change.
-Jane Goodall 

Top: H&M
Skirt: Old Navy
Shoes: Le Chataeu 

Friendships are tricky things. They require a lot of work. I've been thinking about this a lot recently since my group of friends has drastically gotten smaller since high school. I've been reminiscing on some of my friendships that ended for what seemed like, at the time, really good reasons. Is it possible to "rekindle" a friendship with someone without being too paranoid that they will do the same thing to you again? Should a person receive a second chance if they weren't given the chance to fix whatever the "problem" was in the first place? How does one make this decision?
If you have any ideas or answers, please let me know! 


Change is necessary.

I don't know if you this but... It's Friday. 
I have to be at work in 10 minutes but I've decided to be a little late today. why?
Because its Friday! (and because I make my own schedule)

Can you believe that it's already the thirty first of January? I mean.. time really does fly. I've asked myself a bunch of times over the last month what I wanted to accomplish this year, what were are my goals. I usually make new years resolutions but for some reason this year I decided that I wasn't going to. I've spent the last two years working towards nothing and everything, that by the time the new year rolls around I'm completely cOnfUsEd. All I really know is that to change one must first accept that change is necessary. I look back on my life and see distinctive moments where something changed in me, drastically.I asked myself how that happened.. Sometimes it was forced upon me, sometimes circumstances such as heart break changed who I was and sometimes it was by choice. So, after reflecting and taking the time to talk to my cousin, friend and work out buddy in the sauna, I've decided to tackle one item at a time on my "things to change, improve & accomplish" list and that even though I might not be able to see results right away, its happening. Don't be overwhelmed, don't give up. Even if I'm feeling lonely, I am not alone. Lets be risk takers, be bold. If I'm not living my own life, whose going to live it for me? 

So on the top of my head, I made a short list of things I'd like to modify in my own life. 

1. Be loving -- whether the person deserves it or not. 
2. Be organized -- being sloppy only leads to tripping over your own things. 
3. Be healthy -- but don't forget to also be happy.
4. Be bold -- stop waiting for things to happen, make them happen.
5. Be responsible -- lets keep paying off your debt. 
6. Be consistent and determined -- on everything. not just school.
7. Be yourself -- this I'm good at already. 
8. Try something new, whats the worst that can happen? 

I used to be scared of pleated skirts cause I thought they'd make me bigger, I was wrong. & a hat-- that was a no-no. But I did it anyways. 

Love & Blessing.


Its been a long winter...

& I'm back.

Sometimes, I wish I could treat this blog like a diary. If I did than I'd have so much more to write about than just ordinary things.
I guess I could try, maybe just this once.

I moved back home two months ago. At the time I thought it might be the best idea for me. I felt like I was drowning in a sea of debt and despair while I was living away and I thought that maybe moving back home would ease the pressure and I COULD BREATHE AGAIN. Well, it did. Financially this is the best I've been in a really long time. I have a steady job and steady income. I am finishing school, even if it is online learning, and I'm doing pretty good. 

So whats the problem?
I miss "home". I guess it became my home for a year and half but the travelling back and forth is driving me crazy. I miss just being in the city I know I'm meant to be in. Crazy enough, my parents and I haven't decided which city we will be moving too, but we know its going to be near the church.
I didn't think I'd miss it. To be honest, I was relieved to be coming home. And now I'm itching to move back! If only we could just snap our fingers and things would fall into place. 

anyways, on a brighter note--
I've lost 4lbs!
Oh, yes, I went back to the gym. Before I moved back I lost 10 lbs.

Thanks to my sister-in-law always willing to suffer the chilly freezing weather to try and capture at least one moment where I look normal. 

 Cardigan: Wal Mart
Blouse: Reitmans
Skirt: Unknown
Shoes: Suzy Shier
Hat: Payless 

Ps. This is my absolutely favourite one! 


There is beauty in all things.

Photo Cred: Cindy Alvarez
I've come to understand several things about myself this year.
Have you ever had a year where nothing seemed to be going as you had planned it? If my present self could go back to my past self and say something, I would say this " You are not who you think you are, and the dreams you have now won't be the dreams you'll have than-- just keep your eyes on God."
My past self would laugh at me now and say "you're such a softie and how did you get to be so happy?"
And lastly I'd says "feeling something doesn't mean you're weak it just means your alive. Embrace it. Saying something nice isn't going to hurt you, but it will bring someone else some joy. Be generous and just love people."
I've come to understand several things about life this year.
There is beauty in all things. My dad gave a short lesson to my youth group earlier this year that bounces around my head when I have no idea where I'm headed. He said " Do what must be done today and don't worry about the things of tomorrow" -- I have always lived my life postponing major change and major decisions with the thought that tomorrow I'll want something different. And as true as that was it has caused me to worry more about what people want and need from me, that I've managed to put all my dreams on long term hiatus.  I must do what I can today and God will provide for the tomorrow's.
I've come to understand several things about God this year.
When I fell in love with God, I didn't realize it would impact my whole entire life. Don't judge me on that statement. I thought I would be able to continue through life with the benefits of loving God and him loving me without him being the center of every decision, every blessing, every trial, every victory that I'd ever have. Life was much easier when I only had to please myself. Does that make any sense? Fortunately for me, when he is in it, he'll make a way.
As complicated as it may seems and as hard as it may get-- its going to be okay. Just keep your eyes on God.


Red, Black & White + Stripes.

Don't judge these pictures too much. It was cold & super bright out. But I love this skirt, this shirt and these shoes! 

I hope everyone has a Happy Wednesday<3

Shirt: H & M
Skirt: Old Navy
Shoes: Spring

Its been a super long day & when I mean super long, I mean LOOONG.
Picked up an extra shift today but right now I regret it.
I had to move boxes up and down stairs and then unpack fifty boxes
 (Yes! 5-0!)
My feet and my back were hurting but I was greeted by my little buddy and that made me feel a little better. After much debate whether to even post these pictures, I figured why not. I've been pretty consistent with my blogging and hope to continue so. 
Anyways, wanted to post a couple pictures I found on twitter that made me wanna die laughing. Hope you guys enjoy them as much as I did. 

hehehehehe. <3
k, bye.


Love Story & Outfit Post

So long ago. But I like it. 

True Love
This isn’t your typical love story. You’re going to be mighty impressed by how amazing He truly is. Growing up I never really went looking for my other half, nor did I have any intention in meeting him so early in my life, but I guess when they say if it’s meant to be, it will be. I want to start by telling you where my life was when I met him. I had known him all my life. He’d always loved me and He’d call me and ask me to give my heart away. But there were other things that seemed more important. He was not even on my priority list and if he was, he was at the very bottom.

It wasn't that I didn't know he was good, loving, wonderful... oh! The words I could say to describe him. He was and is perfect. Nobody will ever compare him. He is one of a kind; he is unique in his manner of loving. He is wonderful in his way of embracing me. When he wraps me in his arms, it is heavenly. When he calls out to me, his words touch me to the very depth of my soul, he convicts me to be better every day because I see the way he loves people. You could say He is for the people, you've never met someone so unselfish. The thing I truly love about Him the most is that he is there, every day, every moment. Even though he wants to please us and bring us joy, he also stands strong in his convictions. He never wavers and always does what is right, and even if in that moment I hate that I must change my way of thinking so that it coincides with him, I know it is for the better. He is the epitome of brilliance and goodness.

Back to me, I was a mess. Like most 17 year olds, we are huge balls of mess. I was miserable and mean. I appeared happy and was very good at pretending that I was. But if I’m honest, I hated my life. I didn’t understand why I felt like this. I was part of a family whose parents managed to stay together, I had more than I needed and never went without. I had friends who claimed to love me and I had goals. Yet, I felt unaccomplished, unwanted, unloved and desperately alone. I was unhappy and therefore the world sucked. You know that teenage mentality, it’s all about me!  

After going away for Christmas break right after I turned 18, I came home and out of desperation I called him. I told him what was happening. And he courted me. He was gentleman. Spoke to me in poetic melodies and love songs, showed me things I’d never seen, embraced my flaws and showed me what I could improve. Showed me how good true love could be and before I knew it I was falling in love. Love like I’d never experienced, it was beyond this world. I was walking on sunshine in the mornings and seeing stars in my eyes at night. Calling him in the middle of the night and he’d call to me every day just because he wanted to speak to me. And before I knew it, I was happy. I was nice for the sake of being nice, and I loved those who I had hated. I forgave those who had hurt me and received forgiveness from those who I’d hurt. I was changed by this indescribable love.

After four years of this beautiful relationship, I can only say I’m the only one that makes mistakes and he’s as forgiving as always. And sometimes I’m determined to walk away, but there he is, talking to me in that sweet, melody of a voice. Reminding me that I’ll never find a love like His. Not because he is boastful or full of himself (and even if he was, he has every right  to be) but because he is perfectly perfect for me. And if you ever got a chance to be in a relationship this lovely, you’d agree with me. So today, I’d like to introduce you to the reason of my happiness.

His name is Jesus. I invite you to let him love you like he’s loved me. 

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